GS 2.0 – a Transformational Plan

I wish to transform myself into GS 2.0, that of a successful entrepreneur & Billionaire by FY 2026. I want to build my brand – MeghaMitra, a trusted cloud companion and mobility partner to small-scale industries and startup companies of South East Asia. Being the CEO of MeghaMitra Infotech, I would drive my company from my bedroom in my farmhouse at a rural village in Tamil Nadu.


Is it a Joke? Not at all.  My role model – Mr. Sridhar Vembu, CEO of Zoho Corps, has already done this. Why don’t I? 


I foresee a big gap between the demand and supply of skillful resources across the globe. Industries will be in high demand of a competent workforce with the domain-specific skillset, whereas no institutions will produce “ Ready to deploy” resources to meet the demand. We have more resources who are eligible but not qualified to become the “Ready to Deploy” demand of the Industry. I wish to set up MeghaMitra Infotech, as a global brand served by a qualified workforce operating virtually from rural corners of India.


GS2.0 will be driving his team with distributed accountability (not authority) shared among key members, facilitate the team in converging easily and stay collaborated. 

He will be focussed about bringing trustworthiness and building dependability among independable teammates.


GS 2.0 will be the executive who believes in growing along with the team, lead by example, Not an Instructor but be a demonstrator,  may be imperfectionist but excel in every execution excellently, and move together with the team instead move ahead.

GS 2.0 will be an unbiased business leader with rational behavior, and a believer of indiscriminate human values. 


Nevertheless, to say, cash is king and it is a topmost priority item to drive the business alike fuel for an engine. GS 2.0 will not lose his radar coverage over the cash flow of our organization


I wish GS 2.0 should indulge himself in corporate social reform initiatives for improving the livelihood of Psycho-neuro impaired children, adolescents, and adults. GS 2.0 should be emotionally balanced while leading his late 60’s life peacefully.

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