MeghaMitra Infotech is offering the digital marketing services for small business. Digital Marketing is the technique that encompass all the efforts for promoting the products and services through digital channels such as search engines, social media, email and other websites.

Our digital marketing services will bring the benefits for small business segment like enabling their brand to rank better in search engine, increasing the brand awareness by driving more organic traffic, and generating more leads by influencing the customers. We provide support for many digital marketing tools facilitate the small business in monitoring their website performance, user’s activity & ROI over ADs expenses.

Why digital marketing services are important for Small Business?

Facebook is the best demand generation tool of digital world and it has around 2.32 Billion of month active users which is around 30% of our global population. Youtube covers up more than one billion of global population and second largest search engine of internet.

Visualisation will have better reach than the words in your campaigns. Twitter has currently 326 million of monthly active users and one of the easy to distribute contents & engage the followers. Linkedin has 560 million of professionals connected around globe and most of them are driving the business decisions. Researchers says almost three out of each four web searches are happening on Google. Let’s make your website SEO Friendly for better results. 

Google Ads is the Search engine marketing tool trusted by 32% of total digital advertisers around the world. We support in setting up your “Pay Per Click” advertisements.As part of integrated digital marketing, you can direct the people towards your business website, obtain their email IDs and send promo emails on your offers, discounts & events. Google Analytics will bring you the business insights that will help in identifying the target audience, optimizing the website usability & monitoring the campaign performance.



1999 999
  • Setting Up Facebook Business Page
  • Setting Up Instagram Business Profile
  • Setting Up Facebook Messenger Profile
  • Setting Up WhatsApp Business Profile
  • Setting Up Workplace @Facebook with standard features
  • Creating Facebook Pixel for track the Ads Performance
  • Ads Tracking for App events and Offline events
  • Configuring your Facebook Analytics
  • Setting Up Placement, Target Audience, Budget and Schedules for your FB Ads
  • Demo and One Day Training - How to administer your Facebook Page


1999 999
  • Setting Up YouTube Channel
  • Creating your first Playlist
  • Setting up Channel Trailer
  • Setting up End card, Annotations and In-video notifications
  • Setting up Standard VidIQ Analytics
  • Linking YouTube Channel with Your Smart TV
  • YouTube Analytics & Social network sharing Integration
  • Setting Up Subtitle and auto captions for your video
  • Setting up Freemium Video Creation Tool
  • Demo and One Day Training - How to administer your YouTube Channel


1199 499
  • Setting up your Twitter Business Profile
  • Setting up your Google My Business Page
  • Setting Up your first Twitter campaign & AD Groups
  • Setting Up your Campaign Bid and Budget Monitoring
  • Tools to Increase your followers engagement
  • Setting Up your Twitter Cards & Promotional Video
  • Your First campaign Optimisation
  • Setting up your Social Network Monitoring Tool
  • Setting up Twitter Analytics KPIs
  • Demo and One Day Training - How to administer your Twitter Page


1999 499
  • Setting up your Business Page in LinkedIn
  • Setting Up Campaign Manager Account
  • Creating your first Sponsored Content Ad
  • Creating your first Sponsored InMail
  • Creating your first Text Ad
  • Setting Up your Target Audience Criteria
  • Setting Up Bid, Budget & Schedule Parameters for your Ads
  • Setting Up Conversion and Performance KPIs for Campaign
  • Chat Tool that enables website visitors to chat with your agent
  • Demo and One Day Training - How to administer your LinkedIn Page


2999 1199
  • Setting Up Google Analytics Account for your Domain
  • Integrating your Social Network Accounts
  • Google Webmaster / Search Console integration
  • Setting Up custom Alerts & Realtime Dashboards
  • Setting Up Audience Activity Reports
  • Setting Up Behaviour based reports
  • Setting Up Traffic Acquisition based reports
  • Setting Up Conversion based reports
  • Configuring Admin panel and setting up Filters
  • Demo and One Day Training - How to administer your Google Analytics Account


2999 1199
  • Setting Up your Google Ads Account and Promotional Credit
  • Setting Up five of your Ad Campaigns
  • Setting Up Keywords Planner
  • Performing Keyword research for first 5 Ads
  • Setting Up Search terms & Negative Keywords
  • Setting up Target audience based on Demographic and Devices
  • Setting Up Bids, Budget and ADs schedule.
  • Setting Up a Freemium Landing Page & Google ADs Extension
  • Setting Up Conversion profile for Google ADs
  • Demo and One Day Training - How to administer Google ADs Account


  • Setting Up Google Search Console Account for your Domain
  • Conducting detailed SEO Audit on Your existing blog / Website
  • Setting up Keyword Planner and Search Analytics
  • Setting Up Site Maps and URL Inspection of your Website
  • Tool to identify & avoid content duplication
  • Setting Up Freemium Keyword Generator and Headline Analyser Tool
  • Tool to help you in finding the content ideas for your website / blog
  • Freemium Link Building & Content research tool
  • Setting Up A/B Testing tool to improve CTR
  • Demo and One Day Training - How to improve SEO of your website


  • Setting Up Landing Page for your Business
  • Setting Up Lead Magnet -Email Optin Popup
  • Setting Up automated Email trigger for your subscribers (Freemium Version)
  • Setting up your 5 Business email IDs
  • Configuring Decision Tree for sending your emails automatically, as per defined workflow and schedule.
  • Setting Up Freemium SMS Gateway for your Business
  • Setting Up Freemium Email Merge Tool
  • Configuring tool to manage your email Marketing Campaigns.
  • Tracking and Dashboard reports for your business emails
  • Demo and One Day Training - How to manage your Business email and SMS


  • Setting up Logo creator tool
  • Printing of Shopping labels at a discount without leaving your Dashboard
  • Setting up Tool to create your Video Contents
  • Setting up Tool to create your images and Photos
  • Setting up Tool to create your Infographic contents
  • Setting up Tool to create animated contents
  • Setting up Tool to create GIFs / Memes
  • Setting up Tool to do Screen Capturing
  • Setting up Tool to create your Presentations
  • Setting up Marketing arena for selling your contents
  • Demo and One Day Training - How to do content market effectively