MeghaMitra is bringing suitable cloud solutions for small business from global brands. We resolve your IT challenges & Let you stay focus on business goals. The emerging cloud technologies will enforce those enterprises to shift their DC workloads to co-located, hosted or cloud delivery models. Gartner Inc, a global research and advisory firm predicts that 80% of enterprises will have to shutdown their traditional data centers by 2025.

Keeping all your computing capability in centralized data centers may impact your service delivery to suffer from Network latency issues. Cloud technologies bring the computing architectures closer to the customers, to prevent the delay in data processing.

The cloud solutions will bring more benefits for small business including increased IT capability, highly secured computing environment, Better ROI and Cost efficiency. The cloud solutions will relieve your small business from high investment on Infrastructure and free you from major IT Challenges. You can stay focus on business goals and it’s productivity rather than finding a resolution for IT constraints. All these solutions are having capability of resizing automatically on accordance with your requirement.

These are customizable services. Hence, no fixed cost mentioned here. Please touch base with us for quotation specific to your requirements.



Owning an on-premise datacenter is literally night mare for many Small and Medium enterprises. Real estate cost, Investment for procuring required infrastructure & licenses, and Operational expenses for managing on-premise DC are really painful for SME sector.

Now, your company can host your applications more securely on the virtual DC. You can own upto 20 virtual servers based on “Pay as you Go” Pricing model. One Linux and One Windows server will be at absolute Zero Cost for First year.


It enables contact center agents from various geographical locations instead of a single location. it enables efficient use of distributed workforces. This cloud-based virtual contact center solution will make it easy for any business to deliver better customer service at lower cost. 

We can integrate this solution with many of Customer relationship management (CRM) tools and can be powered with Natural Language chatpots. You can program the automated schedule call to your customer in few clicks away.


Having worried on retention of your Business Data?We value your business data and wish not to risk your mission critical data without backup. But when it comes to on-premise Datacenter, managing the backup becomes tedious job and involves higher operational cost..

The Virtual Backup solution is capable to back up your mission critical Data periodically in the form of object files, snapshots or archives based on your choice. Best assured RTO and RPO being provided on this solution.


We bring you the fully managed and secure virtual desktop interconnect service which will reduce the overheads of procuring and maintaining the hardware assets, managing the licenses, inventory, and patches etc. Your business user can access VDI from any system and at any time.

No user data is left stored in local system which ensures absolute zero risk for your secured information. We can integrate it with existing active directory or multi factor authentication tools to ease user management at your organisation.


No worries on rising cost of employee’s travel to attend business conference. This solution facilitates users to organise online meetings, video conferencing, calls, chat, and to share content, both inside and outside of your organisation without switching between applications.

All Communications are encrypted, and we can restrict access to the meetings using host controls. You can record the meetings so that you can share important meetings with colleagues and replay as needed.


This hassle free solution facilitates your employees to stay connected with business and access the internal corporate websites & applications seamlessly from their mobile device, without compromising info-security.  There is  no need to modify or migrate any contents.

Employee devices are not connecting directly to your corporate network. No internal contents will be stored in their mobile devices. All cached content will be deleted when users end their browsing session.


Going forward, you can easily create, configure, implement scalable web app for mobile and integrate your backend with iOS, and Android.

You can quickly setup authentication, analytics, offline data synchronisation, and storage or data sharing across multiple users in a better way. This solution facilitate you in automating the application release process.


Virtual private server solution that provides you the run time engine instantly to build, store and run a web based applications.

Get ready with your code. Rest all set to run your applications. We will setup a virtual server to run your web applications based on wordpress, Drupal, Joomla!, Magento, Redmine,  LAMP, Nginx (LEMP), MEAN, node.js, and more.


Extend your on-premises networks to the cloud and securely access them from anywhere. We provide two kind of solutions.

‘Site to Site VPN’ enables you to securely connect your on-premises network or Branch office to your Cloud environment.  ‘Client VPN’ enables you to securely connect users to Cloud or On-premises networks.